CrazyTalkLA – The Voice of Millennials

CrazyTalk is an online and print media that dedicates itself to the educational, social and psychological growth of the Millennial generation. CrazyTalk also fully supports the Millennial Action Party (MAP).

We are backed by wealthy investors, who want to see reform in policy that affects youths. As with any news organization, CrazyTalk is looking for creativity, artistic ability, writing and photography from LA area kids, 12-17 years old.

The official beginning of CrazyTalk
LA will be sometime in late fall. The grand opening will begin with an event that showcases the best DJs in the area!

There will be dancing! There will be dancers! There will be light-shows! There will be booming bass!

Tickets go on sale very soon.

We’ve already launched an amateur version of our website: - which is up but under construction.

Please, send us your writing, gossip, pictures, poems, news tips, and anything else that shows your creative side! The most creative and proactive will become members of the CrazyTalkLA Team!